Graphene Dispersion(1000ml) in NMP:

Concentration : 1 mg/ml

no surfactant

Price : $700

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QA Data:
Multipoint Raman spectra included on CD ROM

Typical Data of Graphene Dispersion.*1

    1. Graphene Purity : >99%
    2. Lateral Size of Graphene (Counted Number of Flakes in TEM)
    3. Number of Layers (Counted Number of Flakes using TEM)
  • 1~10 Layers : >70%
  • >30 Layers : <5%
    4. Lateral Size of Graphene (Dynamic Light Scattering)
    5. SEM
    6. Raman Spectrum


    (*1). At 0.1mg/ml in NMP.
    (*2). Dispersant is contained at 10wt% of graphene weight.
    (*3). As graphene is dispersed, not dissolved, please stir with a rod well and sonicate the product in water bath before use.